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1099 Reports

We have a few 1099 report options when you go to Reports and search for 1099. The listed reports below have all been set to report vendors who are set as “1099 yes” in the vendor address.

To view all 1099 reports that are available, click here or go to Reports and enter "1099" in the search bar.

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 3.14.11 PM

First Group:
The reports in the first “1099” section pull information for all vendor IDs set to "1099 = Yes" that you paid with any payment type i.e. cash and credit card. You can use these reports to review if you need to update info associated with these vendors or review all of the payments associated with these vendors.

Second Group: “Transactions” allows you to view total transaction amounts filtered by specific cash accounts.

02 1099 from Transactions - 1099 Recipients by Date range filtered by "Cash Account"

This report will give the totals you have paid a vendor from your Cash Accounts. Current 1099 rules only require to report payments paid through cash or check (not through credit card processors). You can export the data from this report to get the vendor information and amount to report on a 1099

1099 Transactions by Account

This has a filter where you are able to select specific accounts you want to view transactions related to your 1099 vendors

Third Group: The last “1099" group contains the actual form templates for 1099s. You can use these form template to print on top of actual 1099 forms.  If you are using these templates, please keep in mind the totals includes all payment forms (cash and credit card).

Note: To use the 1096 form adjust your filter or click here.