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Activating Stripe ACH Payments

If you're using Stripe as your payment processor, you'll need to enable ACH payments before you can accept this payment method.

Step 1
Click on Settings > My Company to get started. In the My Company screen, you will see a field to connect your existing Stripe account or create a new one. 

image (12)

Step 2

If you do not have an existing Stripe account, click here follow the step-by-step guide on the initial setup process. 

Step 3

Once you have created or connected your Stripe account, log in to your Stripe Dashboard then click here. You must click the blue "Enable ACH" button at the top of the page before ACH can be used by your client.


Step 4
Next, you'll need to make sure that the client addresses you'd like to opt into ACH payments are actually set to "Stripe ACH".

To do this, open up the client address and click the Payments tab. Check the boxes that apply to the payment methods you prefer for the client.

Note: Keep in mind that ACH Methods for Payroc and Stripe cannot be used in tandem. You must select either one or the other. Because PayPal does not accept ACH payments, it can be used alongside either Stripe or Payroc. This is why Stripe ACH is grayed out in the image below. 

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