Adding and maintaining Employees and Users

This article will walk you through creating new Employees, transitioning them to Users, and maintaining User licenses.

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Add New Employee (Recommended)

Note: Adding an Employee does not grant them a user login. To access Studio Designer with their own user login, a license will still need to be purchased. This can be done by following the Add New User License directions after first completing the below steps.

1. Click on Settings > My Employees.

2. Click on + New Employee and fill out all required information. 

Note: Although not a required field, Email should enter at the point of creation for the new user to mitigate a lot of operational error for the user. We strongly recommend that you give each user their own individual email rather than a generic one like whenever possible.

Click on the Permissions tab and set the user-specific permission the user should have. New users added will have all permissions disabled by default upon creation and will need to have them manually set by an admin at your firm.

4. Click Save or Save & Close and the new employee profile will be created.

Note: To automate areas like commission % and/or hourly rate for particular employees, you can set that on the user profile under My Employees. 


Tip: If you need to backdate an invoice, proposal, order, etc. You can set the date in the Accounting Date field in the user profile. Make sure you remove it once you need to publish documents on the current date.


Add New User License (Quick Add)

1. Click on Settings>Add/Remove Users

2. On the Add/Remove Users page, fill out the user’s information (First Name, Last Name, Email.) 

Add-Remove User 2-1

3. Once you have everything filled out, click Add.

Note: If you have the employee profile created already, then you can use the "Add User from Employee Profile" fields shown in the image above. If you don't have the Employee Profile created, you can use the "Add New User" fields. The User Id field will automatically populate for you.

4. Your newly added user will now appear in the Active User list also found on the same page.

Note: We recommend going back to the My Employees to ensure the User ID field populated 


Deactivate A User


Note: Accounts on an annual billing cycle will not be able to deactivate users per the method below. You will need to reach out to to deactivate users. 

1. Click on Settings > Add/Remove Users.

On the Add/Remove Users page, go to the user you would like to deactivate. Under the Actions section, click on the toggle switch.

Add-Remove User 1

The user you just deactivated will no longer have access to the platform.

Note: We strongly recommend that you navigate back to the removed My Employee profile and uncheck the "Active" box. This will remove them from showing up in the system in any drop-down fields or reports. We also recommend you enter an end date for any employees that have been terminated or are no longer with your firm.

Reactivate a User

If you need to reactivate a user, please contact Support by clicking here and provide the name and email of the user and license type they should have in the details section on the form.