Adding Pay Now links to Custom Forms

For Custom Forms, we now have 2 new additional settings - “Add Proposal Pay Links“ and “Add Invoice Pay Links“:

Note: The steps to add the link to DOCX template (provided screenshots are from MacOS Word)

Step 1.
Create a hyperlink, Text to Display: any (like “Pay Now“), Address:

Step 2.
Press “Alt-F9“ to see the hyperlink field code:

Note: Step 2. 
- For Windows users: Press “Alt+F9“ to see the hyperlink field code.

- For Mac users, right-click the hyperlink mergefield, and select "Toggle field code"


Step 3.
Select ““ text and remove it:

Step 4.
Insert MergeField “invoice_pay_link“ (Invoice Link) or “proposal_pay_link“ (Proposal Link) between the quotation marks:

Step 5.
Move “\* MERGEFORMAT“ to the Hyperlink field and add quotation marks to your mergefield name:

Step 6.
Click between the } and \ and go to INSERT > Bookmark, give it a name and click “Add”. This prevents Word from replacing the mergefield with a static hyperlink:

Step 7.
Save your template and upload the form.