Adding Pay Now links to Custom Forms

For Custom Forms, we now have 2 new additional settings - “Add Proposal Pay Links“ and “Add Invoice Pay Links“:

Note: The steps to add the link to DOCX template (provided screenshots are from MacOS Word)

Step 1.
Download your template

Step 2. Put your cursor where you want the payment link to exist

Step 3. Create a hyperlink, Text to Display: any (like “Pay Now“), Address:

Step 4.
Press “Alt-F9“ to see the hyperlink field code:

Note: Step 2. 
- For Windows users: Press “Alt+F9“ to see the hyperlink field code.

- For Mac users, right-click the hyperlink mergefield, and select "Toggle field code"


Step 5.
Select ““ text and remove it:

Step 6.
Insert MergeField “invoice_pay_link“ (Invoice Link) or “proposal_pay_link“ (Proposal Link) between the quotation marks:

Step 7.
Move “\* MERGEFORMAT“ to the Hyperlink field and add quotation marks to your mergefield name:

Step 8. Click between the } and \ and go to INSERT > Bookmark, give it a name and click “Add”. This prevents Word from replacing the mergefield with a static hyperlink:

Step 9.
Save your template and upload the form.