Additional Stripe Info

• How do I refund a client?

Refunds can be issued from within your Stripe Dashboard. You can find more information about how to process the refund here:

Credit Card Refunds: You can process a refund for a credit card payment once it appears on your Stripe Dashboard. After you issue the refund you can use this guide to help your client locate the refund if they are not seeing it on their statement:

Note: If you refund a payment soon after it was processed, instead of the client getting a credit to their statement, the original charge will drop off of their statement.

ACH Refunds: ACH payments take up to 5 business days to receive acknowledgment of their success or failure. Because of this, refunds cannot be initiated until the payment is complete after 5 business days. After the payment status is "Succeeded" in your Stripe Dashboard, you can process the refund.

You can also tell your client to contact their bank and cancel the transaction before it is completed.

Additional Refund info:

Refunds are processed immediately. However, they can take 5-10 days to show up on the customer's side. Once issued, a refund cannot be canceled.

Please note that, while there is no fee to process a refund, any fees collected on the initial transaction will not be refunded. Click here for more information on how to process a refund from your Stripe Dashboard.

Refunds may only be processed to the original form of payment. In the rare event of a failed refund, the bank will return the refunded amount to Stripe and they will add it to the intended recipient's account balance.

• How do I charge a client in a currency other than USD?

At the moment we can only charge clients in USD. Even if your Stripe account is set up with another currency, any payment made through Studio Designer Client Portal, or invoice/proposal Pay Now links will charge the amount in USD. 

We are working on updating our integration to allow for additional currencies.

• What if there's an unauthorized or unfamiliar charge?

Please visit Stripe's Charge Lookup Tool to trace the charge, then reach out to Stripe support.

• How do I reset my Stripe password?

If you can't access your account, you can reset your Stripe password here.

• How do I pass the Stripe fee on to customers?

You can pass your Stripe fees on to your customers by including the fee within the final charge amount. To do this you will have to calculate what the Stripe fee would be on the invoice and add that amount to the invoice. You can follow this guide to add that fee cost to the client invoice or proposal: Passing Fees to Clients

• How do I record client payments in Studio that account for the Stripe Fee?

Click here for a guide on how to record your Stripe fees for accounting purposes,

• How long will it take for my Stripe account to get approved?

In most cases, the account approval process is nearly instantaneous and most users will be able to accept payments right away.

If more information is needed about a business or there is an expected delay in processing an account approval, Stripe will reach out to you immediately.