Addresses & Contacts: Overview

Let's get to know a bit more about your address records.

Whether it's Clients, Projects, Vendors, Contacts we want to break it down into simple terms.


First, all of this information starts with a unique 'Address ID'.

  • It is the most important identifier in Studio Designer and is automatically capitalized when it is saved;
  • Address records are generally sorted by the address ID;
  • Every Client, Project, Vendor will have one.  Keep it simple.

Secondly, think of this database as two sides, the Clients & the Vendors:

  • Clients:  Generally those individuals or companies you are creating for.  Those you generally purchase for and bill your time for;
  • Vendors:  Generally those individuals or companies you work with for merchandise, inventory, supplies, banking, utilities, etc;

Furthermore, within these two main categories, you can pick and choose the important details you want to maintain:

  • Clients
    • Designate as a 'Client' or 'Project':  The two function more or less the same.
    • Enter a number of details and default settings for the client / project that will help Studio Designer function better;
    • For example:  Discount, Mark up, & deposit percentages, or enable certain payment options.
    • Designate related Client and/or Project addresses.
    • For a detailed description of how to add 'Clients', Click HERE.
  • Vendors
    • Designate a category such as Vendor, Showroom, Manufacturer;
    • Enter in a number of details that pertain to those entities you often purchase from;
    • For example:  Terms, shipping details, account number, deposit requirements, website login details, etc.
    • For a detailed description of how to add 'Vendors', Click HERE.
  • All Addresses
    • This section will bring up a listing of all 'Address ID's' saved in your system.
    • You can essentially access all the details for both Clients & Vendors
    • For those addresses that don't quite fit, additional 'Address Types' are available and more can be added to fit your needs.

Finally, Contacts:

  • People or Contacts are additional individuals associated with any Client or Vendor.
  • The 'Contact' is assigned to an 'Address ID' already saved in your database.

Click on any of the above terms when you are ready to explore more specific details.

Related Client:

  • Clients or Projects that are related can be linked together for improved 'Item' filtering and reporting purposes.
  • If a Client has multiply projects, link the Project Address ID to the Client address ID in the Codes tab.

Emailing & Sharing documents:

  • Setting up address records and contacts properly has an important impact on how documents are shared.  Look for check mark settings when setting up addresses and contacts.  Each article will describe these settings in more detail.