August 2022 Release

New features, platform improvements, and fixes

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Version 2.11 – August 2022 Release

New and Improved:

  • Account Admin users can now grant or revoke non-admin employees’ ability to edit their own contact information and signature
  • When sharing documents with a client or vendor, the email signature text now populates in sharing options when a signature has been set up 
  • Phone numbers within Reports are now formatted
  • Related Client Rep Phone field is now available on Custom Forms
  • Updated Edit and Delete action buttons within Contacts List
  • Updated Edit, Delete, Map, and Client Portal Settings action buttons within Clients List
  • Updated Edit, Add to Design Project, and Delete action buttons within My Products List
  • Updated Edit and Delete action buttons within My Inventory List
  • Updated Edit and Delete action buttons within Time Billing List
  • Updated Complete, Edit, and Delete action buttons within Activities List
  • Updated Edit and Share action buttons within Orders List
  • Updated Edit action button in all Item List views; updated Delete, RFQ, Spec action buttons in List View and RFQ View 
  • Updated Edit, Open, Delete, Map, and Website action buttons within Vendors List
  • An Image & Attachment tab has been added to Product Details, where designers can set the Client View and Vendor View of secondary images and attachments
  • Users can now copy over all images and notes when selecting a Product within Item Details


  • Users can no longer delete invoiced Activities from the Activities List screen
  • Errors are now displayed properly within the Update Dates section of the Items and Invoice lists when an invalid date format is entered 
  • Users are now correctly returned to the Time Billing Entries page after clicking Close from within Time Billing Invoice Details 
  • The RFQ-Clean report now displays clickable hyperlinks
  • The Delete button within Inventory Details now immediately deletes the Inventory record and redirects back to the Inventory page
  • Vendor Selling Discount now displays 0.00% when None is selected in the Selling Discount % dropdown
  • Update Email Date on an Invoice now saves the current date correctly, even if the User's Time Zone is different or ahead of the Time Zone selected in Settings > My Company
  • Billing Code is now set correctly based on the Time Rate when entering Activities with 13 Group as their selected Time Billing Rate in Settings > My Company > Codes
  • VAT is now calculated properly on Other Costs
  • Header/Footer Name value now saves correctly within Settings > My Company > Report Defaults
  • All users with the correct permissions can now access the Activities tab within Item Details
  • When creating RFQ, Spec, and Tear Sheets from the Item List screen, the Show Images and Attachments label has been changed to Show Attachments
  • If an Item within the Items List has payments greater than the Deposit Requested, and the Item is not Invoiced, the value will now be displayed as Amount Due (D) 0.00
  • Designers creating or modifying an Item can now manually set the Item’s Purchase Tax value if that Item has a Tax Location with a Canadian Sales Tax Tax Rule
  • Users who have logged out no longer have a disabled cursor incorrectly displayed when hovering over the Login button
  • Users can no longer create or save a reusable Activity without setting Sales Code, Billing Code and Type; users can no longer create a new Activities entry without a Sales Code, in the case where the Activities record has not been labeled a Required Activity
  • The label Admin Fee has been replaced with the Mark Up Text value defined by the Designer within Settings > My Company > Report Defaults when viewing the 1020 14 – Proposal Retail With Discount report