August 2023 Release: Studio Designer

This version includes the addition of Automated Bank Import Mapping, as well as other improvements and fixes.


Automated Bank Import Mapping

Save time on Bank Import mapping and maintenance by effortlessly syncing and importing transactions securely straight from your bank account.

After linking your bank account, you'll be able to sync in your latest completed transactions. Additionally, reference numbers, such as Check Numbers or Transaction IDs, will be imported during the sync making it easier to stay up to date with your latest transactions. Learn More.


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Version 2.15.7 – August 2023 Release 

New and Improved:

  • The Address field in the Client Portal, Interactive Documents, and PDFs will autocomplete as the client enters their address. 
  • Clients using StudioPay for ACH payments must enter their account number twice as a safeguard against erroneous data entry.
  • Designers using the Bank Import feature will know that their account has been disconnected and will be prompted to re-connect through the sync modal.
  • Designers using Bank Import auto sync can import Transaction IDs when syncing.
  • The login screen has been broken into two separate pages for entering E-mail and Password, so users will have to click Log In twice when entering their credentials.


  • Users no longer need to identify an email to send password reset requests to. All reset requests will automatically be sent to the address stored in the User Profile. This email address is locked and cannot be removed even if an admin modifies the employee record.
  • Payment Posting is accessible in tablet view.
  • A 100 character limit for the Item sidemark will now be enforced when the Designer has chosen Both within Settings > My Company > Codes > Item Defaults > Item Sidemark. If a description is entered that surpasses the allowed character limit, the sidemark field will be shortened to display only the room and room number along with a portion of the description.