Budgets is where you set up income and expense budgets to print comparative financial statements.

There are 3 components of a budget:

  • Account - The account this budget is for.
  • Year - The year this budget is for.
  • Period 1 – 12 Amount - The budget amount for periods 1 through 12.

Step 1. Select Settings>Budgets

Step 2. Click on + New Budget and enter in all required information (noted by red asterisk)

Step 3. Once the budget record(s) have been created, select "Edit" beside each account to update the budget amount for each period.

Budgets can be added for selective accounts. It is not necessary to create a budget amount for each account.  When using Create Budgets you can delete the record that's created for any account you don't want to assign a budget to, or you can leave the records there and not add amounts.