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Chargeback Best Practices and Requirements

This article provides best practices for handling and responding to chargebacks, including required information and documentation.

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Providing the necessary documentation to the issuing bank is extremely important when responding to a chargeback

Documents must include a Case Number and the relevant documentation for review.

All documentation should include at least the following:

  1. Signed credit card receipt
  2. Completed credit card authorization form
  3. Corresponding Invoice with cardholder contact information

  4. Proof of delivery or Satisfactory Services

Note: If the merchant doesn't submit a response, the chargeback will be ruled in the cardholder's favor and will retain the case amount.

Visa Card Suggested Receipt and Invoice Requirements

Requirements when Credit Card is Present

The following are the Visa requirements for all transaction receipts from electronic point-of-sale terminals (including cardholder-activated terminals).

Tip: It is recommended that itemized receipts are provided in the documentation for review (if possible).

Card brand Suggested Receipt

Requirements when Credit Card is not Present

The following are the Visa requirements for all manually printed transaction receipts in the card-absent environment.

Card-not-Present Transaction Receipt Requirements

Credit Card Authorization Documentation

The following ways of documenting a client/cardholder's approval for a transaction are also considered acceptable by card brands:

  • A signed order/authorization form for a Mail/Phone Order Transaction
  • Copy of identification presented by the Cardholder
  • Details of identification presented by the Cardholder
  • Evidence that the Transaction was completed by a Cardholder's household or family member instead of the cardholder.

Proof of Delivery or Satisfactory Services

It is best practice to obtain confirmation from the client/cardholder of receipt or rendering of satisfactory services and goods.

Pertinent details to obtain include:

  • Evidence, such as photographs or emails, to prove a link between the person receiving the merchandise or services and the Cardholder, or to prove that the Cardholder disputing the Transaction is in possession of the merchandise and/or is using the merchandise or services.
  • Cardholder signature on a pick-up form.
  • For a Card-Absent Environment Transaction in which the merchandise is delivered, documentation (evidence of delivery and time delivered) that the item was delivered to the same physical address for which the Merchant received an AVS match of Y or M. A signature is not required as evidence of delivery.
  • There may be instances where you will need to obtain a neutral third-party opinion to help corroborate your claim against the cardholder.