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Check Form Descriptions

The following check forms have been verified independently by our User community to accommodate the following manufacturers and formats.

You can also click here to view a PDF containing 50+ check forms.

Check Form Formats
01 Check Form 1 Harland Clarke (Costco) L-MP-100HB, Check Depot 59209
06 Check Form 6 Deluxe DLT110-1 Laser Top M/P
06 Check Form 6 Two Line Address QuickBooks 10287 Sheet Fed, Deluxe SSLT104-1 HSLC Top M/P Unlined
16 Check Form DLT 110 Deluxe DLT 110, best for accounts migrating from Studio Designer Desktop 8.0
26 Check Form 26 Check Depot DW9-SS
36 Check Form 36 Deluxe DLT110-1
39 Check Form 39 Harland Clarke (Costco) SL-MP100HP
47 Check Form 47 Deluxe DLM102

Note: This is by no means an endorsement of any check brand, but a growing database of verified check formats. We will incrementally add information to this article as we receive more information.