Client Portal Experience

This article gives you insight into how your client will experience and navigate the Client Portal.

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Client View
Impersonation Mode

Client View

When your client logs in they will see at the top of page:
1) Clients can sort by Items, Proposals, or Invoices.
2) They can also filter what they want to see by toggling the switches at the top.
3) The "amount' fields can be limited or presented in full as shown in the image below by adjusting the Client Portal settings. These fields are:

    • Funds Received (can be turned off)
    • Applied to Items (can be turned off)
    • Unapplied Funds (can be turned off)
    • Approved Not Invoiced Deposit Balance
    • Invoice Balance Due
    • Total Amount Due

4) If clients would like to filter items that you have present/proposed/invoices by room, the Filter by Room feature allows them to select any room that you have created for their project.

Below they will see products organized by whichever view they have selected (Items, Proposals, or invoices.) In the image below you can see this is ordered by items. Here you can see the status of each item, whether it's been approved, paid, rejected etc. The client has the ability to approve by item or proposal. If you have Paypal or Payscape setup they can click the Pay button and make a payment directly from the portal.

The decisions the client makes will update the item in your Studio Designer account.

Impersonation Mode

Impersonation mode enables you to log in as your client and see exactly what they can see. The only limitation is that you will not be able to make payments on their behalf. Otherwise, you can operate just as your client would.

Step 1. Click on Projects> Client Portal.

Step 2. From the list, you can locate your client's project and then click on the magnifying glass under "Log In As Client".

Step 3.
You can see below your company logo, it will indicate you are in "impersonation mode". This is not visible on the client's end, only when you are logged in as the client. 


There are certain settings that you can toggle on and off that relate to the client's view and their access. 


Step 1. Click on Projects>Client Portal and locate your client's project and then click on the gear icon under "Settings".

Step 2. From this menu, you can assign access to the following:

  • Pages - This enables access to see Pinterest Boards that is set at the client/project level. Also, you can choose whether or not the client can see proposals and invoices.
  • Dates - This setting will make visible the CFA, Estimated Shipping, and the Shipped & Received Dates as long as these dates have been added to the item in your Client/Project.
  • Approval - You can restrict the client's ability to be able to approve or reject items and proposals.
  • Financial Information - As mentioned above you can limit visibility to 
    • Funds Received
    • Applied to Items
    • Unapplied Funds 


Clients can make payments in the Client Portal using 2 different payment processing entities, Payroc (formerly Payscape) and Paypal. Once they click the "Pay Now" button the options should appear.

If you have a Payroc or Paypal account set up in the My Company section, you will also need to make sure these options are available for each client in the addresses Code's tab.  See Payroc or Paypal for more details.