Client Portal Project Summary Totals

This provides a breakdown of all summary totals in the Client Portal.

Summary Totals

Approved Not Invoiced Deposit Balance
- This amount is comprised of all associated costs with an item(s) which include freight, sales tax, markup, and any Other Cost designated to the item. The amount that reflects in this summary is all the approved item(s) deposit balances.

Item Price = $500 Deposit = 50%

Sales Tax = $150 Deposit = 50%

Other Cost = $75 Depost = 50%

Assuming that the client here approved the item and has not made any payments towards them, the summary would reflect $362.50. As the client would make payments and the funds are then applied to the item would reduce the amount shown to whatever the remaining balance for the deposits would be.

Invoice Balance Due - This amount is the accumulative unpaid balance of all items that have been invoiced. In most cases, this will be the remaining amount due on an item(s) outside of the deposit amounts that have been paid.

Total Balance Due
 - This amount is comprised of "Approved Not Invoiced Deposit Balance" and the "Invoice Balance Due" summary totals. Using the example above, the Total Balance Due would reflect $362.50 since the item is not invoiced yet it's only approved.

Optional Summary Totals

Funds Received - This figure is the amount of funds you have received into Studio Designer via Money In. 

Applied to Items - This amount reflects how much of the client's funds have been applied to various items in their project.

Unapplied Funds - This figure usually reflects what is available to be used towards the client project. Most likely what is showing in the Funds Available account.


Note: The optional summary totals above can be visible or not to the client depending on your preference. To toggle these totals on and off, click on Projects>Client Portal and then click on the Settings icon and toggle the 

Pro Tip: The best report to run to verify totals and see a detailed background would be 2013 04 PW Client Total Balance