Client Status

What is an Items 'Client Status' and how does it change and effect Studio Designer.

Client Status is a view option available when looking at your Item listings.  The status controls many features including the Client Portal.  Valid options for Client Status are:

  • Hold
  • 1 Presented
  • 2 Proposed
  • 3 Approved
  • 4 Invoiced
  • Rejected

Note:  The default 'Client Status' when an item is saved is blank until triggered by an automatic status.

Let's look at each in more detail:

  • Hold:
    • This is a manually selected 'Client Status' for an 'Item'
    • It can be used to help filter the status of items.
  • 1 Presented:
    • Manually changed if desired;
    • Choosing will make this 'Item' visible in the Client Portal;
    • The client can 'Like' or 'Dislike' this item within the Client Portal, triggering notification to the designer.

Note:  A 'Like' or 'Dislike' email notification is sent to the assigned designer.  The actual 'Item' status remains '1 Presented'

  • 2 Proposed:
    • Automatically updated when an Item is included in a Proposal;
    • If viewable, Item or Proposal can be 'Approved' or 'Rejected' within the Client Portal;
  • 3 Approved:
    • Automatically updated when your client approves the proposal or item in the proposal.
    • Approval notification will be sent and approval date will appear in the 'Client Status;
    • Note:  Once approved, this can only be undone by going to 'Item' -> 'Codes' and deleting the 'Approved Date'   (See details below)
  • 4 Invoiced:
    • Automatically updated when an Item is invoiced
  • Rejected:
    • Automatically changed to 'Rejected' if your client chooses to reject the item or proposal.

Additional Filter options for 'Client Status':

When filtering out certain items in your 'Client Status' view, several other variables are there to help you.  These are not variables controlled by the user, but rather ones meeting certain conditions:

  • 1 Presented & Liked
    • Item 'Client Status' = '1 Presented' and,
    • The client has 'Liked' the item from their client portal.
  • 3 Approved Deposit Due: 
    • Item 'Client Status' = '3 Approved' and,
    • A client deposit is due.
  • 3 Approved Ready To Order:
    • Item 'Client Status' is '3 Approved' and,
    • The total requested client deposit has been payed.
    • The item(s) have not been ordered.
  • 4 Invoiced Balance Due:
    • Item 'Client Status' is '4 Invoiced' and,
    • Remaining client balance is due.

Note:  These are for filtering only and are not statuses the user can manually set.

Manually changing:

Manually changing the Item status to '1 Presented' or 'Rejected' can be done a few simple ways:
  • From the 'Client Status' view of your Item listing, click '1 Presented' and the Item status will change to '1 Presented'. 
  • You can also 'Edit' Item details and select the 'Client Status' drop down, change and save.

Undo an Approval:

  • Item-  In order to undo the approval of an Item:

    • Go to 'Item -> 'Codes' delete the 'Approval Date' and Save.

    • The 'Item' will then automatically revert back to 'Proposed' and the 'Approve' and 'Reject' option will show up in the Item's section of the client portal.

  • Proposal-  In order to undo the approval of a proposal:

    • Simply select the 'Edit' action for the proposal and remove the 'Approved' check mark in the upper right corner.

Note:  If ever dealing with Approval mistakes on Proposals with multiple Items.  One possible solution would be to undo the approval for the proposal and all the items on the proposal as noted above.  This will revert everything back to a proposed status and corrections can be made.