Copy Me VS Sent Document Defaults

When sharing documents with clients and vendors, you can receive copies of these documents in 2 different ways. 

Copy Me

When you are setting up a client or vendor document to share you will be able to toggle the "Copy Me" box on or off. This feature is used to create a copy of the document you are sending to your client. This is designed to create these copies on a case by case basis. Copy Me will only copy the user who is logged in.

Set Document Defaults

This feature is accessed and controlled in the Settings>My Company>Report Defaults section. Here you can automate the process of receiving copies to the email address you have set on the "My Company" page. 

These settings are designed to automate the process of sending these types of documents rather than on an individual case basis. 

Note: If the user who is logged has the same email address as what set on the My Company page, the system will not send out a copy. 

If the user's email is different from the email in My Company, then both features can work in tandem provide a copy to each email address.