Creating a New Address

This walk-through goes over how to create a new Address. This applies to Vendors, Showrooms, Clients, Manufactures, etc. Essentially, this is your designer's little black book!

When creating a new address, the Address Tab is used to fill in information for the address

Step 1.
Start by clicking New+ and Addresses 

Pro Tip: If you are in Addresses screen, you can click the "New Address" button in the top right corner of the screen and add a new address on the fly!

Step 2. Add in all the required information

Step 3. Click the Codes tab and select the Tax Location for Client/Project

Pro Tip: Adding additional information like email address, mailing addresses, mark ups, deposits, etc. early will save you loads of work later on during the course fo your project.

Step 4. Click Save.

Let's explore Addresses a little further!

Address ID

The address ID is a short name used to identify this address record.

It is the most important identifier in Studio Designer and is automatically capitalized when it is saved.

Address records are generally sorted by the address ID also.

(As with any type of ID in Studio Designer, we advise against the use of special characters or punctuation in Address ID's. Use of special characters and/or punctuation will cause unpredictable errors which may include the inability to select the record, or print forms (Proposals, Orders, Invoices, etc). In addition to special characters, multiple spaces between words, such as two spaces between "John" and "Smith" can cause the same kind of issues.)


The main phone number for this address record.


The main mobile phone number for this address record.


The main fax number for this address record.


The main email address for this address record.

This main email address must be filled in to use interactive documents for this client.


The website address for this address record.

Include the prefix.


User Id

Your firm's User Id for the website if it is password protected.


Your password for the website if it is password protected.


The type of address record.

Studio Designer has 10 Address Types already entered.

You can add additional address types any time by selecting Files>Address Types






Ship To





Although you can add various address types, only the default types will automatically show up within corresponding areas of the program. For example, you could create an address type of "Residential", but there would be no way to make it automatically show this type when selecting clients from within an item.

Copy Address

Copy address allows you to automatically copy the physical address to the mailing address.

If copy address is checked the physical address is copied to the mailing address.


The name of the client or vendor for this address record.


The physical address for this address record.

Mailing Name

The mailing name for this address record.

Mailing Address

The mailing address for this address record.

Foreign Id

The Id for this client or vendor in another outside application.