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Creating Activities

This help article will help walk you through creating new activities for time billing.

Studio Designer allows you to enter Activities to create reminders, reimbursables or track your time. When you enter an Activity it requires you to associate it with an activity from this list.
This allows you to organize and print reports based on the different types of activities you perform. For time billing you can set default hourly rates based on activity, group and/or time rates.

Setting up your Activities is easy and useful

Step 1. On the navigation bar, select "Settings" then "Activities".


Step 2. Select "New Activity" on the top right.


Step 3. Fill in the fields for "Activity Name", "Type", "Sales Code", "Billing Code" and whether it will be "Taxable" or not.


Step 4. After filling in your information, select "Save". Your new activity will be saved to use from now on.