Creating Invoices

This help article will walk you through creating your first invoice.

Step 1. From the navigation bar, select "Project" then "Items".


Step 2. Select the "Client/Project" you wish to create an Invoice for.


Step 3. After selecting your "Client/Project", select the items you wish to create the Invoice for by checking the checkbox labeled "Select Item".


Step 4. After selecting your items, select "Create Invoice".


Step 5. Your Invoice will be created with a new Invoice #. You can view your new invoice in the "Invoices" section in "Projects" now.


Pro Tip: To easily create an order from an invoice, select the Client/Project from the drop-down menu at the top of the items screen and enter the invoice # in the search bar. Now you can select the individual items you want to order or simply click on "Select All" and then click "Create Order".  Click here for our help guide on Creating Orders.