Creating Purchase Orders

This help article will walk you through creating your first order.

Orders are created to purchase items from vendors, showrooms, and manufacturers for your projects. Once you are ready to purchase an item or list of items you are able to create an order from the items screen.

Step 1. Go to Projects > Items.

Step 2. Now you can filter items by Client/Project, Room, Vendor, etc..

Step 3. Once you have your list you want to create an order for you can select the items you want to create an order or click “Select All” to create an order for all items.
Step 4. Once the order is created you are able to view the order by clicking "View Order" in the top left corner of the window that appears or by going to Projects > Orders > Select the order number.

Step 5. Next, you are able to Share, Void Order, Enter Payment, or Edit the order.

Step 6. Next, you are able to enter payment for the order and you can do this 2 different ways. First, if you select “Enter Payment” you are able to make a payment to the vendor right there for the deposit for the final payment amount. The other way is by going to Accounting > Money Out Order Payments.

Step 7. You can choose whether it is a Credit Card Payment or Check

Step 8. You can choose which payment account you are paying the vendor with

Step 9. For the Check/Ref # you can put the check # and if it’s a credit card just select the “Credit Card” and it will populate today's date as the Ref #.

Step 10. Next, you can click “Post Payment” which will post your payment to your general ledger. Or “Create Check Entries” which will create an entry and allow you to go to the "Money Out" screen and print checks for payments to vendors or office expenses.