Creating Purchase Orders

This help article will walk you through creating your first order.

Orders are created to purchase items from vendors, showrooms, and manufacturers for your projects. Once you are ready to purchase an item or list of items, an order can be created directly from the Items screen.

  1. Head to Projects > Items
  2. Using the filters at the top of the page, narrow your search by Client/Project, Room, Vendor, etc., to find the item(s) you want to order
  3. Once the item(s) you want to create an order are displayed on the screen, select the items you want to create an order or click Select All to create an order for all visible items; then, click Create Order

  4. Clicking Create Order will bring you directly to the newly created Purchase Order; you can also find the order by heading to Projects > Purchase Orders and clicking the order number
  5. At the top of the purchase order, you'll see various tabs that will allow you to further interact with the order

  6. At the bottom of the purchase order, you'll see options for sharing the order with vendors, as well as the ability to void the order

  7. To enter a payment, click the Payment tab at the top of the screen; this can also be done from Accounting > Money Out > Order Payments
  8. Select the vendor to be paid from the Pay To dropdown, as well as the From Account

  9. For the Check/Ref #, enter check # if relevant; if paying by credit card, today's date will automatically populate in this field
  10. When ready, click Post Payment to post your payment to your General Ledger; alternatively, clicking Create Check Entries will post the payment and bring you to the Money Out screen so that you can print checks for payments to vendors or office expenses


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