Creating Proposals

This article will walk you through the basic steps to create a proposal.

Once you have created an item or group of items you wish to propose to a client, follow these simple steps to get started.

Step 1.

From the navigation bar:

  • Select “Projects”
  • Select “Items”

Step 2.

Filter the Item results for the "Client/Project" you wish to create a Proposal for:

  • Select the 'Client/Project' from the filter drop down.

Step 3.

Find & Select the Item(s) you wish to propose:

  • Select the item or items using the the checkbox labeled "Select Item"


Step 4.

  • Click "Create Proposal" button
    • The new Proposal should appear on screen.
    • The 'Proposal Description' field is available for additional information, this will appear on your proposal listing page.
  • 'Save'


Viewing & Editing Proposals:

For more information about editing and viewing this proposal, click HERE.

Pro Tip:  To easily create an invoice from the same proposal:

  • Select the Client/Project from the drop-down menu at the top of the items screen
  • Enter the proposal # in the search bar.
  • Now you can select the individual items from the Proposal or simply click "Select All" and then click "Create Invoice".  Click here for our help guide on Creating Invoices.

Tip:  Don't forget, if you need to display or hide certain Proposal details, such as markup or other costs, be sure to check your Print Defaults settings HERE.