Creating Proposals

This article will walk you through the basic steps to create a proposal, a document you can send to clients to get their approval as well as deposit payment on items.

Once you have created an item or group of items you wish to propose to a client, follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Navigate to Projects > Items
  2. Filter the Item results for the Client/Project you want to create the proposal for by selecting Client/Project from the filter drop-down
  3. Find and select the item(s) you want to propose, or click the checkboxes to the left of an item labeled Select Item to select multiple items at once
  4. Click Create Proposal; you will be redirected to a newly created proposal where you can fill out the Proposal Description field with additional information
  5. Click Save

Viewing & Editing Proposals:

For more information about viewing or editing proposals, click here.

Tip: To easily create an invoice from the same proposal:

  • Select the Client/Project from the drop-down menu at the top of the items screen
  • Enter the Proposal # in the search bar
  • Select the individual items from the Proposal or click Select All and then click Create InvoiceClick here for our help guide on creating Invoices.

Tip: To display or hide certain Proposal details, such as markup or other costs, be sure to check your Report Defaults Settings.