Custom Reports & Forms: Specify Data

Specify Data - This section contains what data will appear on the report or form. On the left, you have different categories that correspond to data points within Studio Designer. Everything from your firm's logo and address, data from client projects, and much more.

The menu on the left-hand side is broken down by category and can also be conveniently searched by using the search bar above the menu. This will narrow down the categories and allow you to expand them to add the data points to the header, body, or footer of the report or form.

By clicking the orange double arrows to the right of the data points will add them to their corresponding area on the right.

Header & Footer
You can set the alignment of these data points to appear in either the header, footer, or both and their placement of left, right, or center.


  1. Label = The name of the data point and how it appears on the document.
  2. Group Field = How data points appear to be grouped/sorted on the document.
  3. Total = Subtotals of amounts for specific data points.
  4. Width (px) = Adjust the width of each column of data on the report

In each section, you can assign the position of the data points by clicking and dragging the orange up and down arrows on the far right to order them how you would like to see them on the document.

By clicking the "x" next to each data point you can remove it from the document altogether. 

Contained in the header you can see the exact mergefield codes for the data points you would need if you were creating a custom template. In the body, you'll notice the "copy" icon, this again will produce the mergefield for the data points in the body section. To learn more about mergefields, click here.