Logo Sizing

Looking to resize your logo on custom forms, custom reports, Tear Sheets, RFQs, or Acknowledgments? This article will help break down the process.

If your logo size does not meet your personal requirements of how you would like it to appear, below are the steps you can take in order to adjust the logo's parameters.

Step 1. Click on Reports and locate the document you want to work with.

Step 2. Click Edit Report.

Step 3.
Click on the Specify Data tab at the top. 

Step 4.
In the Header section, click the icon that looks like an "x" with arrows on it.

Step 5.
When this window appears, you can enter in the pixel size that you wish. We recommend starting at 300 for both width and height and work up or down from there.

Step 6.
Once you hit "Apply" you can then click the "Generate" tab at the top to run the preview.

From this point, you can repeat steps 4-6 to continue to adjust. You can click Save As New and create a custom copy that you can continue to use without making these adjustments each time. 

Note: This does not apply to Standard reports or forms (invoices, proposals, or orders). Only custom forms, custom reports, tear sheets, acknowledgments, and RFQs. The logo settings in Settings>My Company can be edited to change what appears on the standards documents.