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Themes & Reports Overview

This article will outline the difference between custom and standard reports and themes.

STANDARD REPORTS – Studio Designer offers many Standard themes. These
are at the top of the drop-down when using the Email a PDF option by default. Additionally, you have many optional items you can choose to display.

CUSTOMIZABLE THEMES – Listed below the STANDARD REPORTS, are a few basic
themes that are available to be customized. You can change the layout of
these, however, customizable themes will not have optional items to display. You will
need to decide on which elements to display when customizing.

CUSTOM REPORTS – These are templates, which have already been customized in your account using the custom report tools. Proposals, Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Time Billing Invoices have both Standard and Customizable themes. Specifications, RFQs, and Order Acknowledgements only have customizable themes.

Note: Users who want to customize templates must have access to Microsoft Word.

Your Company Logo on Custom Reports is important to understand that your logo format (Settings> My Company >Report Defaults) only applies to STANDARD REPORTS.

Each Customizable theme has its own logo settings. This allows for maximum flexibility on logo size and placement. However, each time you customize a template, you’ll need to make sure you have reviewed that template’s logo.

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