Custom Report & Form: Define

Define - General information about the report or form will be listed here. Type, name, description, and you can control whether it's active or inactive in your account by checking the "Active" box.

You can also view and edit printing parameters for the report or form by adjusting the paper size, orientation, font size and automatically adjusting the columns of data to fit on to one page. 

Note: The Fit to One Page feature only applies to reports, not forms. To learn more about forms and reports click here

In the Define tab, this is where you can share a custom report with other members of your team either by an individual or even by the permissions the individual has assigned to them. To learn more about Sharing Custom Reports, click here

Note: Forms will have an option to make it the default and if it's a custom form will also note the owner of the report as shown in the image above.

Each form and report has its own notes section that will display at the bottom of the document