December 2022 Release

New features, platform improvements, and fixes

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Version 2.14 – December 2022 Release

New and Improved:

  • The Client Portal Client field in Settings > My Company > Email can now be used to set a message to go out to new clients upon being invited to the Client Portal; this message will be sent when a client is invited rather than after they sign up.
  • When creating or editing a Project Worksheet report, Other Cost Markup Percentage can now be selected and added in the Specify Data section, giving  users the ability to see the actual percentage of the markup rather than only the dollar amount (i.e. 10%, etc) 
  • Added filter on Invoice list to display Invoices with or without Notes.
  • Added a button to clear Notes on Invoice Details.  
  • Inventory history can now be sorted by date.


  • There is now a clear message stating that a Product must be saved first before being able to add Tags.  
  • Fixed an issue where the Form Title for Acknowledgment forms does not match what is written in My Company > Report Defaults.  
  • Images & Attachments on RFQs that are sent out now appear appropriately whether Visible to Vendor is checked or not. 
  • On Custom Forms, the Client Deposit Balance now displays the correct value when there is a refund or discount on an Item. 
  • On the History Income Statement, the formula for calculating the % Difference has been corrected.  
  • When the Employee – Calendar permission is unchecked, non-admin users will not have access to Projects > Calendar.
  • Fixed an issue where the existing Client Rate was being overwritten when selecting a new Group on Time Billing and Activities.
  • When the Employee – Show Total Profit In Profit View permission is unchecked, non-admin users will not have access to the Total Profit in the Projects > Items > Profit View screen. 
  • When the Employee – Time Sheet Report permission is unchecked, non-admin users will not have access to the 2030 Time Sheets report.
  • When the Employee – Activities Report permission is unchecked, non-admin users will not have access to the 2020 Activities report.  
  • Clients, Projects, and Vendors with long names on the Item Details screen will truncate at 20 characters. A tooltip will show the entire name when hovering over the truncated name.  
  • Fixed the preview for the Legacy report – 6010 Address.  
  • Items added via Studio Capture that are Specify Only will now populate with a Selling Price of $0.00.  
  • On Accounting Balance details, once an account has been reconciled, the account can no longer be changed.
  • Payment Application report is accessible from the Legacy Reports tab.
  • When entering long names in the Item > Edit screen, the fields no longer shift to the right. 
  • Payment Application reports show correct values in the Automatic Entry dropdown.
  • When a firm has no employees, the History tab shows that no employees have been entered yet.
  • When a new employee is added to the account, the date the profile was created appears in the History tab.
  • The Studio Capture User Guide link on the Home Dashboard has been updated.
  • Fixed an issue with attachment links on the RFQ With Attachments standard form. Now multiple attachments generate multiple links that are clickable to show the source attachment.
  • Fixed an issue with wrapping a long Client/Vendor name in the Latest Activities Widget on the Dashboard.  The text for Activity name, Description, and Client name is wrapped and no longer stretches the widget.
  • Fixed an issue where long Client names in a created Purchase Order did not wrap.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on Print Checks on the Accounting > Money Out page disrupted the spacing and formatting on pop up warning modals across the application. Now Yes, No, Cancel, and OK buttons are properly aligned again.