Editing Invoices

This help article will walk you through editing your invoices.

In the Items section, you can edit an item in the invoice by removing the invoice, editing and re-adding the invoice. To do this:

Step 1.
Go to Items, find your item, click edit which will open up the individual item. (If you are already viewing the invoice, you may also click on the pencil icon to open the item, see below)

Step 2.
Click the red x in the invoice area. 

Step 3.
You will get a pop-up: 

Step 4.
Click OK, then Save 

Step 5.
Make any edits to the item you wish to make then click save and close. 

Step 6.
Find your item, click select, then click Create Invoice. 

​​If you simply wish to change the Invoice Description, Revise Date, Approve Date, Special Instructions or to remove an individual item from an invoice. Click Edit in the lower right-hand corner of the Invoice screen. It will open up the ability to be able to edit those fields. To remove an item, click on the little trash can next to the pencil icon (see picture above).  

In Activities, Time Billing Invoices cannot be edited once invoiced. To edit, you will need to void the invoice, make necessary edits then create a new invoice.