Entering Office Payments

Entering Office Payments is similar to entering Order Payments. These are any payments that are for expenses like office rent, gas mileage, etc. These can be entered via by click on Accounting>Money Out> Office Payments. Below you will see the step by step process to enter an order payment.

Step 1. Select the Pay To party. If your selection is not available in the list, you must create a new Vendor Address for it

Step 2. Select the account the money will be paid from in the Cash Account field

Step 3. Enter in any other defining information you choose and click on "New Distribution".

Step 4.
Assign the Expense Account and enter the amount you wish to pay. Click Save when done.

On the Money Out screen, you will then see the entry created. Use the filters at the top to narrow the entries down to locate the entry if need be. 

Note: You might need to change the Cash Account selection in the drop-down menu at the top if the account the money came from is not the default cash account.