Entering Payments for Orders

This guide will guide you through the 2 ways to enter in payments on orders.

1. Open an order from the Order view or from within an Item (This is especially convenient when you pay via credit card)

2. Money Out -> Order Payments (allows you to enter multiple payments)

Order payment within the order itself

  1. Go to Projects -> Orders, filter by order number and open the order
  2. Click on Enter Payment button
  3. Enter information (Amount, Reference etc)
  4. Create the entry by selecting either 
    • "Make a Check" or "Credit Card" payment OR
    • "Post Vendor Payment" or "Create Check Entries" 

Money Out - Order payment

  1. Go to Accounting -> Money Out
  2. Click on Order Payments

  3. Before you enter your payment, considers these options
    • Paying by Credit Card
    • Paying with Client Credit Card
    • Order Payment Owner's Draw
    • Order Payment made by an employee
4. Once you fill in all the fields in section 1 that correspond with the payment you are trying to make, at the bottom in section 2, add the amount you are paying towards each item in the Amount to Pay field.

5. Click Create Entries button.

6. Head back to eth main Money Out screen and use the filters for the entry you just created. 

7. From here, filter the correct Cash Account in the drop-down menu at the top of the page
  • Add "Pay To"
  • Ensure the entry is not on Hold
  • Select either Print Checks and then Post Printed or Just select Post Manual

Information: If you are using Quickbooks or another accounting software please go to Quickbooks, right now we are not integrated with Quickbooks.