FAQs for Studio Capture

FAQs for Studio Capture

Frequently asked questions or issues for Studio Capture:

1. I am using Safari and it is saying that I am not logged in or it will not load, what do I do?

There are settings in Safari that may prevent you from being able to use Studio Capture. To check on this go to Preferences > Privacy > Uncheck “Prevent cross-site tracking”. Also, you want to go to the Websites tab under preferences and make sure that you allow pop-ups from Studio Designer.


2. I used Studio Capture to create an item and it is not creating an item #, it just says “Studio Capture” where the item # should be.

This is what happens when you create an item with Studio Capture. You need to go into the item and manually change the item # if you want to.

3. The Studio Capture window will not open. Do you have any ways to troubleshoot?

Step 1. Delete your Studio Capture bookmark and create a new one

Step 2.Try a different website, sometimes the coding on websites may prevent you from using their images.

Step 3. Clear your cache, exit your browser, try again.

Step 4. Confirm that Studio Designer is open on the same web browser you are using Studio Capture on.

Step 5. Try using a different web browser.

4. I am clicking on an image from a website and it will not save to Studio Capture.

Some websites have heavier security features which prevent Studio Capture from being able to work with their site. In this situation just save the image and create the item normally.

5. Will Studio Capture incorporate my codes such as Vendor Selling Discount or Vendor Purchase Discount?

No. Studio Designer will not incorporate your codes when capturing information. You must manually update the fields to correspond to the applicable codes.