February 1, 2021 Release

New features, platform improvements, and bug fixes.

> Studio Designer
Version 2.5.1 – Release January 2021

  • New & Improved:
    • Redesigned Signup page within Studio Designer to improve clarity of choice.
    • Enhanced the Printing / PDF function for multiple Proposals, Purchase Orders, & Invoices. Now print multiple documents with the new ‘Print / PDF’ button located at the top of your listings. For example, simply select multiple Invoices and click ‘Print/PDF’.
    • Improved the viewing experience of Interactive Documents on mobile devices.
    • Improved the ‘Journal Entry’ page experience when posting a reoccurring journal entry.
    • Improved the ‘Activities’ & ‘Time Billing’ page experience by adding the ability to filter your internal ‘Notes’. Notes are also now displayed as a column.
    • Improved Purchase & Invoice filtering. You can now filter Purchase Orders & Invoices using a date range.
    • You now can quickly remove your logo when emailing or printing Proposals, Purchase Orders, & Invoices.
    • Improved Time Billing page experience. When selecting multiple invoices to preview, exiting the preview screen will not remove the check on selected records.
    • Improved Item Status filtering. When filtering an item by ‘Item Status’, the color ‘White’ & no color set will be treated the same.
    • Improved Money In features. Added a ‘Clear Balance To All’ button. When applying a deposit to multiple items, it may be necessary to clear the auto filled item amounts making it easier to adjust.
    • Improved reports options. Made ‘Other Selling Cost’ & ‘Other Mark Up Amount’ available for reports. These can be found under the ‘Items Selling Costs’ section.
    • Improved Address Contact creation. The Address ID will be automatically entered when adding a new contact person through Client or Vendor.
    • Inventory category additions. Added several new category choices for Inventory
    • Need more space for recording long or multiple tracking numbers? Increased the number of characters one can enter into the ‘Freight Tracking’ field within the ‘Items’ -> ‘Codes’ tab.
    • Enhanced the filter options for ‘My Products’ & ‘My Inventory’ like the filter actions enabled for an ‘Item. Including a ‘Search All’ feature which will search all available fields at once.
    • Enhanced the 1099 Report filter options to include the ability to isolate accounts reported.

  • Rapid Resolutions:
    • User is now able to choose a required account upon entering the ‘Sub Account of’ when creating a new Account within Chart of Accounts.
    • Instances when entering amounts in excess of $999.00 caused payment errors within the ‘Amount To Pay’ field.
    • Client ID can no longer be changed once an item is invoice to avoid potential accounts receivable errors.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Certain instances of errors appearing in the ‘Code’ & ‘Sub Account Of’ fields when creating a new account.
    • Instances when Studio Designer asks to save a second time upon exiting a Proposal.
    • Mismatched Client codes when accessing the ‘AddressID’ via ‘Client’ & ‘Misc. Addresses’.
    • Budget markup can be either a percent mark-up or flat rate mark up.
    • Ability to allow editing of the Showroom/Manufacturer even if an Item has been ordered.
    • Total hours displayed for Activities now reflects all entries, not just those visible on the page.
    • On Proposals, under the Items tab, using the feature ‘Update the Selling Deposit percent all items’ now includes updating ‘Other Cost’.
    • Rare instances when a GL entry would not be made when adding an invoice number to an Item prior to the initial save.

> Client Portal:
Version 2.1.6 – Release January 2021

  • New & Improved:
    • Minor improvements to the visual experience of the Client Portal.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Instances when ‘Other Costs’ were not correctly reflected for the client within the client portal. (Don’t forget…‘Show Other Costs for Each Item’ must be activated in Settings->My Company->Report Defaults.)
    • The mysterious dollar sign showing up in front of the quantity when viewing time billing invoices in the client portal.