Financial Dashboard

Introducing Studio Designer’s new Financial Dashboard, your gateway to analyzing and managing your firm’s financial information.

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Viewing Your Financial Dashboard

Navigate to your Dashboard

To view your Financial Dashboard, click Accounting within your Studio Designer account. Then select Dashboard at the top of the next menu.




Set as Homepage 

You can set the Financial Dashboard as your Homepage in Studio Designer. Click  Set As Default Homepage at the top of the Dashboard. This will make the Finacial Dashboard the first thing you see when you log in to your account.


You can change this by clicking your name at the top right corner and accessing your Profile.  Change the Preferred Start Page dropdown to the page you want to be your Homepage.



The Financial Dashboard is only visible to team members who have Accounting permissions enabled under their Employee Permissions. An Admin on your Studio Designer account can go to Settings > My Employees, select an employee, then view their Permissions tab to adjust a non-Admin employee's permissions. 

The Permissions below will give access to the following widgets on the Financial Dashboard.

Financial Reports: Balance Sheet, Client Profit, Account Receivable

Accounting Reports: Accounts Payable

Accounting Balance: Beginning Balance, Ending Balance, Receipts, Disbursements

Note: In order to fully block the Financial Dashboard from a user's account, they cannot be an Admin. You will need to unselect the Employee Permissions from their user profile to revoke Admin privileges. Learn more about Employee Permissions here: Employee Permissions.

Adjusting Dashboard Widgets

Adding and Removing widgets

You can remove any parts of the Dashboard you do not want by clicking the X on the top right corner of the module.

Add things back to the dashboard by clicking Add Widget + and selecting the widget you want to add.

Moving and Resizing

You can adjust the arrangement on your dashboard by clicking the grid icon on the top right corner of the widget you want to move and dragging it to where you want. You can also adjust the size of each section by hovering over the corner of a widget and expanding or reducing the size of the box.

Detailed Reporting

You can go directly to the reporting associated with each widget by clicking the PDF icon next to the widget name.

Accounts Receivable and Payable Details

In addition to the PDF button taking you more detailed reporting, the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable widgets allow you to view the invoices and orders associated with the account balance.

Click on a Client ID to view the invoices associated with their Accounts Receivable balance.

Click on a Vendor ID to view the purchase orders associated with their Accounts Payable Balance.