Print First Component Only

What if you have an item with multiple components (fabric, labor, etc), but you want to display the combined costs under a single item when sending your client a proposal or invoice? Checking "Print First Component Only" will achieve this.

How to establish components:

To designate components, go into the desired item's settings and refer to the below image.

Note: Items intended to serve as components must fall under the same Client/Project and the same (or unassigned) Room. Items under different Rooms or Clients will not be treated as components and will not be affected by the "Print First Component Only" feature.


 Step 1
Click on Settings > My Company > Report Defaults.

Step 2
Scroll down to the Report Options Defaults (this also affects the Client Portal).

Step 3
Check the box for Print First Component Only on Proposals and Invoices (Purchase Orders are not affected).

Reports _ Studio Designer _ Settings _ Company _ Mycompany - Google Chrome 2021-08-11 19.45.11.png ‎- Photos 2021-08-11 19.52.49

Below is an example of an item with A, B, & C components. 
_ Studio Designer - Google Chrome 2021-08-11 19.59.10.png ‎- Photos 2021-08-11 20.05.28

Step 4
When viewing a proposal, invoice, or within the Client Portal, you can see that the prices of the fabric (Component A), the pillow insert (Component B), and the cost of labor (Component C), have been combined and now appear under a single item, Component A, to your client. Below is the same proposal as it appears with the Print First Component Only setting ON vs OFF.Share _ Studio Designer _ Projects _ Proposals - Google Chrome 2021-08-11 20.15.18.png ‎- Photos 2021-08-11 20.17.03

Share _ Studio Designer _ Projects _ Proposals - Google Chrome 2021-08-11 20.13.50