Fixing Blurry Images

This article provides a solution for images that are blurry or are out of focus.

Step 1: Go to Settings and select My Company.

Step 2:
On the My Company page, click on the Codes tab.

Step 3:
On the Codes page, scroll down to the Item Default section.

Step 4:
Under Image Size, you will notice that this is currently set to 100. To ensure your uploaded images appear clearer, input at least 300.


WARNING: If you increase the size of the image beyond 300 you can run the risk of slowing down the performance of the software. Example: If you set the pixel amount to 600, that equates to 4x the recommended amount which is 300.

Step 5:
Once everything is set, click Save.

Now all uploaded images will appear clearer. Keep in mind, you will need to re-upload the images you previously added to ensure they appear clear.

Additionally, when sharing an invoice, proposal or order, you can select the pixel size of images as well.