How can I see a history of client payments and how they were applied?

This article will help you run a report to view all client payments received and how they were applied.

A Payment Application report can help you review how client payments have been received and applied. 

This report can be found under Reports > (search for "payment application" in the search bar) > (select any of the standard reports found). We recommend (we recommend utilizing the 02 Payment Application by Date – Legacy report):

For this article the 02 Payment Application by Date - Legacy will be used below.

  1. Client id – Filter for the client payments you wish to review.
  2. Automatic Entry – this filter is the Payment Method filter:
    1. Receive & Apply 
    2. Receive Payment 
    3. Apply Payment 
    4. Receive Misc. 
    5. Transaction Receive & Apply 

Receive & Apply (Receive & Apply to Items) - you receive money from the client and it is directly applied to the item. On the report, both the Received and Applied columns will have an amount.  

Receive Payment (Receive Client Payment) - you receive money from the client and it goes into their funds available. On the report, only the Received column will have an amount. A positive increases the client's funds available, a negative decreases it.  

Apply Payment (Apply Payment To Items From Funds Available) - utilizes funds from funds available to apply to an item. On the report, only the Applied column will have an amount. A positive decreases funds available and a negative increases it.

Receive Misc. (Receive Miscellaneous Payment) – is for receiving funds that are not client/project related. This will not be applied to an item or the client's funds available, it will directly hit the Cash & Income account chosen.  This will not appear on the report as these entries are not client/project related. To view Receive Misc. payments, run the 3020 Receipts report.

Transaction Receive & Apply – This filter is required for StudioPay payment posting. If this filter is not applied, any StudioPay payments posted through the Payment Posting feature will not appear.