How can I track items in Studio Designer that client pays directly to vendor? How can I collect mark up only on an item that client is paying directly to vendor?

Creating specification items for items that client pays directly to vendor.

To create and track items that your client will be paying the vendor directly, you will create items in your projects section just as you would a regular item but on the Codes tab, you'll select Specify Only = Yes.  If the entire project is a specification project, you can select the default "specify only yes" on the Client/Project address level in the Codes tab. 

Features of Specification Items

-Allows the user to create an Order without creating a payable or expecting the user to pay the vendor. This is a great option if you need to provide a purchase order.

-Allows the user to collect markup (commission) and related mark up sales tax (if applicable) from your client based on the specified price. 

  • In this case, you can enter a purchase cost but it will not pass through to the selling cost.
  • The selling markup will be calculated as your normal markup percent for the client (or sales code if applicable) so that you can invoice for the markup only.

-Allows users to track and keep a record of project items that the designer will not be purchasing on behalf of client.