How do I change the date on an Invoice?

There are different reasons why you might find yourself needing to change the date on an invoice that has already been created. There are 2 ways to achieve this.

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Changing the General Ledger Date

  1. Head to Accounting > General Ledger
  2. Filter by invoice # and click the pencil icon to edit the transaction line item associated with the invoice # 
  3. The first field (New Date) is where you can enter the date you wish the invoice to reflect in the General Ledger only. Click Change Date Now below it to make the change. 

Note: The date on the invoice will remain the same. Following this protocol, you will need to add a revised date to the invoice by opening the invoice, clicking Edit, and entering the date you want to use as a revision. 

Creating a New Invoice and Back Dating

Warning: Please reach out to Studio Designer Support if the transaction and/or invoice took place in a tax year that has been closed before proceeding with these instructions

  1. Remove all payments/client funds tied to the invoice first, then void the invoice. Click here to learn how to reverse funds. You can set this voided invoice to inactive to prevent it from showing on reports or in view when looking at the invoice screen.
  2. Head to Settings > My Employees > (your user profile)
  3. At the bottom, you will see the field Accounting Date Enter the date you want to have the invoice created on. Click Save.

Step 4.
Recreate the invoice as you normally would.

Caution: Remember to go back to your user profile and remove the Accounting Date. All future documents will be dated to what is in this field unless it's blank.