How do I edit date, check #, account and/or description on a general ledger entry?

Editing General Ledger Transactions

  • Go to Accounting > General Ledger
  • Filter for the transaction you need to edit
  • Click "Edit" on one of the entries and a new window will open displaying related general ledger entries for this transaction. 
  • You will see the following options
    • Change Date -> New Date Field
    • Change Check # -> New Check Field
    • Change Description -> New Description Field 
      *If you update the description from within this screen, all entries will be updated with the same description. If you need to change the description on a single entry, click edit again on that entry

In this screen, you can change the description, check #, and account of an individual general ledger entry. 

To change the account, select the new account from the drop-down list and select Change Account Now. Reserved accounts such as Client Deposits, Vendor Deposits, AR, AP, and Inventory are not available to select within the drop-down list.  This is a safety feature.  Reserved accounts can only be updated the same way they were created.

Important:  Changing accounts can have unexpected effects on the general ledger.  Unless you are an experienced accountant and understand how/when general ledger transactions are created, we recommend consulting your accountant or a support consultant prior to changing accounts.