Reversing payments from invoice or proposal into "Funds Available"

If you need to detach or remove a payment from an invoice or from items on a proposal, this article will walk you through the process of moving the funds where they need to go by applying a negative payment.

Pro Tip:  If your client doesn't want all of the items or you no longer need the proposal or invoice, always ensure that there are no funds applied before voiding. 

Step 1. Click on Accounting>Money In.

Step 2. Setup the transaction by selecting the Payment Method:

  • Apply Payment To Items from Funds Available = Funds going back into client's Funds Available account
  • Receive and Apply to Items = Reverses out of SD completely
  • Receive Client Payment = Reverses out of SD completely out of Funds Available

For this example, we will be using Apply Payment To Items from Funds Available so we can place the funds back into funds available to use again.

Step 3. Input the information to ID the payment/transaction.

  • Received From = Address ID/Client
  • Payment Type = What medium payment was received

"Received From" is the only thing that is required in Section 2. "Payment Type" and "Check #" can be used to further define the details of the transaction.

Step 4.
In section 3, narrow down the transactions in the system by entering the specific proposal or invoice # in the corresponding fields. Then switch the Filter drop-down to "All".

Step 5. Below section 3, the transactions will appear based on the filters we have selected. Locate the amount you wish to reverse and in the Amount To Pay field enter a negative number equal to the amount you need to reverse (if you need to remove $500 from an item, enter -$500 with the minus).

Step 6. The last step to reverse the amount would be to click the Post Payment button in section 4.