How Do I Utilize the Support Options

This article will help identify and show how to use the support options available.

There are several support options for you to utilize to help you navigate and use Studio Designer. Knowing how to access them and when to use them can help get you what you need quickly so you can get back to designing.

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Knowledge Base
Support Request
15-minute Support Call (free)

Knowledge Base
- This is usually the best first stop to find what you need. Searching our help articles by keywords or keyword phrases will help narrow down what you are looking for. You can also search by the same categories that are in your left-hand menu in Studio Designer.

To access the Knowledge Base, click on the "question mark" icon at the top of Studio Designer.

You will be brought to the page you see below and can start searching for help articles and video tutorials by using the search bar or selecting a category.

Support Request - This is the recommended option when you have a complex question or issue. Filling out a support request allows you to provide lots of details and can serve as an open line of communication with support for what you are writing in about. 

To access the support request form, click on the "question mark" icon at the top of Studio Designer.

Click on the Contact Support link at the top of the page below and it will open a form to fill out.


Including as many details as possible like screenshots, screen recording, etc. helps get you the answers and resolutions you need fast. We'll investigate your inquiry and help identify the next steps and what you can troubleshoot. 

Live Chat
- This is a great option for those instances where you have a quick question and might not be able to find the answer in our Knowledge Base. You can speak with a support team member in real-time (available weekdays) by clicking on the "question mark" icon at the top of Studio Designer.

Then click on the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the page as shown in the image below.

This will open a new pop up which will help direct you to a related help article. If there isn't one that covers what your inquiry is about then you will be connected to an available support team member.

Note: If there is not a team member available, it will automatically convert your chat into a support request so we can capture your inquiry and follow up with you.

15-minute Support Call - This form of support is best used for sharing details about the software that might be a little more difficult through a support request, chat, or if there is not a help article available. In order to meet the demand for these requests, we allow our users to select a date and time that is available so one of our support team members can contact you at the scheduled time. You will also get a confirmation of the date and time you chose.

In order to schedule a call, click on the "question mark" icon at the top of Studio Designer.

Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Schedule a Call".

On this page, you will select an available date and 15-minute block of time. 

Fill out the questionnaire and then click confirm. 

Note: Keep in mind that there is a scroll bar to access all the questions. Click here to be redirected to the Schedule a Call page.