How To Fit Proposals, Invoices & Orders on One Page.

This help article will walk you through fitting the proposal, invoice, and order information onto one page.

There are several ways that you can manipulate the report to try and get it all on one page.

1. Choosing a Theme (Edit Document Screen) - By choosing the "image left" theme enables you to shift the images to the left of the description.

2. Reduce Image Size - To reduce the size of the image, select the 100 px bubble.

3. Moving Company Address - What you can do here is move the company address from the header to the footer. To do this, click on Reports>"Name of Proposal">Edit Report>Specify Data. On the right, you can change the align drop-down menu to "footer". This will reduce the size and position of the text on the document. If you prefer, you can add phone, email etc. if you like or excluded that information entirely.

Note: We recommend "Saving As New" to create a custom report for continued use.

4. Logo Size - Making sure you have set a size to the logo can help increase or decrease the size depending on the actual size of the logo. For example, if you have it set to "0", then it would be whatever size the original logo is. We recommend 300 to 600 px but if you need it smaller, feel free to reduce the size below 300. To do this, click on Settings>My Company>Reports then scroll down towards the bottom.

5. Description Length - Trying to make the descriptions of the item more concise (if possible) would also reduce the number of lines potentially that are utilized on the reports.


Note: Beyond these suggestions, a custom report might be needed to incorporate a different font and font size.