How to Make Stripe ACH and Credit Card Payments

This article will help walk your clients through making payments via Stripe on Proposals and Invoices.

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How to access the "Make a Payment" Section

Making Stripe ACH Payments

Making Stripe Credit Card Payments

Making Multiple Partial Payments on One Document

Common Error Messages

First Things First - We need to access the "Make a Payment" Section

Step 1. Get to the "Make a Payment" page - whether your designer sent over the document via Client Portal, PDF, or interactive document, the pay now link will always bring you to this page below:

PDF - After selecting "Pay Now" on your proposal or invoice, you will be brought to the "Make a Payment" page.

Client Portal: Please note, if you have an active client portal, you will need to approve the entire document before being able to access the "Make a Payment" Section

Once you approve the proposal, the "Make a Payment" option will show:

Interactive Document: In order to make a payment via Interactive documents, you will need to open the document > select "Make a Payment in Client Portal" in the top right-hand corner of your interactive document.


Then, it will take you to this page:

If you have made it this far, the process is the same going forward for all PDFs, Interactive Documents, and client portals whether the document is a proposal or invoice.

Stripe ACH Payments

Step 1.  Select "ACH"

Step 2. After selecting ACH, you will be brought to Plaid - an easy, safe and reliable way for people to connect their financial data to apps and services. Click 'Continue'.


Step 3. Select your bank and input your mobile banking information then complete two-factor authentication.

Step 4. Choose your account and select continue. Once you have done this, you have successfully connected your bank account with Studio Designer and you will be brought back to the "Make a Payment" page where you can continue with your payment.

Step 5. Click "Pay now". Please note, you can also save your payment information for future use! 

Once you have hit "Pay Now" and the transaction is successful, you will receive a green confirmation message as well as an email if your designer has set up your email in your client address ID in Studio Designer. 

Please note: The balance will not drop on the payment immediately after payment. To avoid double payment on your behalf, if you receive the green "Completed!" message, there is no further action needed from you, and your transaction was successful. Please contact your designer to confirm the successful payment

Stripe Credit Card Payments

Step 1. Select "Credit Card"

Step 2. Fill out the required information and press "Pay Now".Once you have done this, you will receive the green "completed" confirmation, and your credit card transaction history will show at the bottom.

Making Multiple Partial Payments on One Document

You are now eligible to make multiple partial payments on a single proposal or invoice via Credit Card or ACH. To do this, you can enter the partial payment in the amount section. After this, you will choose your desired payment method and follow the steps to complete your partial payment.

Common Error Messages

1) Error Graph QL error: You must accept the Terms of Service for ACH 

If you receive this message when making a payment via Stripe ACH, please screenshot the error message and send it to your designer. Your designer will need to skip to step 8 of this knowledge base article and follow the instructions to enable ACH payments within their Stripe account.

2) Error Graph QL error: Stripe Limit

If you receive this error message while making a payment via Stripe ACH, it is because you are trying to pay a dollar amount that is over the firms limit on Stripe. The firm will need to contact Stripe to raise their ACH limit by following the steps in this knowledge base article.

3) Blank page when trying to access "Pay Now" link

If you encounter a blank screen when trying to make a payment when clicking the "Pay Now" button, this is because the firm needs to make sure the document is publicly visible. The designer can do this by locating the document, in this case (since it is a proposal), you would go to Projects > Proposals > Select the proposal number > Toggle "Publicly Visible" until there is a blue checkmark > Save. Once the designer does this, you will be able to access the "Make a Payment" screen and proceed with your payment.

4) Plaid Error: Username or password incorrect

If you see this error message, we recommend confirming your username and password are correct by logging into your financial account directly, and ideally from a secure web browser (as opposed to a mobile app). Sometimes, when you log into your financial account on a web browser, your financial institution may have additional prompts for you to complete before you can access your data, and those prompts may be what’s preventing Plaid from accessing your data. Also, when searching for your financial institution while linking to Plaid, double-check that you are selecting the correct institution––there are many financial institutions with similar names, and selecting the wrong institution will result in an error noting that your credentials are incorrect.

5) Your account settings are incompatible

For some financial institutions, certain types of account configurations or settings mean Plaid will be unable to establish a connection with your institution. Plaid is working with many institutions to resolve these issues and provide you with the access you need. 

Inquiries regarding any other Plaid error messages, please visit this link: Troubleshooting tips for connecting your financial accounts using Plaid