How to read your invoice

Studio Designer bills in 30-day increments based upon the date that your company first signs up. For example, if you join on the first of the month, that will always be the date that we bill you and your users.

Where this can become confusing is when you add users mid-month. Since we don't want to charge you for time not used, you will see some adjustments to your bill. Here's a breakdown of what you might see and what each adjustment means:

  • Remaining time: This calculates when you added a user mid-month. So it will do the math for a pro-rated amount based on when you added them, and add them to your next bill.
  • Unused time: This is the reverse of "Remaining time." If you cancel a user mid-month, you are only billed for the time they were active, so you will see a credit amount shown here for the difference. 
  • [User Type] (per User) x: This is the most common billing item. It will show you the number of users you have for each type (Basic, Professional, etc.) and your flat monthly rate for those users.

1. +1 Pro User
$83.69 = the prorated amount for 2 users in Aug.
-$41.84 because one user was already paid for on Aug. 2nd

2. -1 Pro User = 1 User for the rest of Aug.
-$81.17 = prorated amount for 2 users in Aug. This also removes the payment paid on Aug. 2nd
+$40.59 =prorated amount for 1 user for the rest of Aug.

3. +1 Prorated Accountant User in Aug.