How to Record a Retainer


**Although there are several different ways to add a retainer, this is the way we recommend.**

Note: This recommendation assumes that the retainer funds will be going to Funds Available.

Our recommendation is to create a proposal for the retainer. If you want it to read as an invoice when you go to “Send to Client” change the proposal text to “Invoice” ( see screenshot) then print it and/or save it as a pdf. You can use this to bill for the retainer.

**If you create an actual invoice, this will recognize the retainer as income instead of a deposit.**

Once you receive the client payment, you can record the money using the payment method “Receive Client Payment” and the funds will go to “funds available” which are funds you can use to apply to future invoices by using “Apply Payment to Items From Funds Available.”

To learn more about receiving client payments, click here.
To learn more about Apply Payments to Items From Funds Available, click here

Note: Funds will go to “deposits”.  It will look like a “Proposal Deposit”.