How to Use Color Priority Status Indicators

In the Projects > Items section of Studio Designer, you can color-code your items based on what the specific colors mean to your firm. For example: 

Studio Designer provides color status indicators as a tool that designers can utilize the best way they see fit.

Note: By default, items that have not been assigned a priority will display as "no status":

To get started using color status indicators, please follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Head over to Settings > Priorities

Step 2 - From here, you can assign an identifying label to each color. Once you have finished identifying what each color means, click "Save". The labels can be anything your firm uses to identify items. Some firms use this to track shipping, if an item was returned or damaged, if the client loved/disliked the item, etc. However, you can choose what each color means based on what makes sense to your firm!

Step 3 - Now it's time to start using your color status indicators. To do this, head over to Projects > Items (depending on your item list view, this could look different). Look for the white circle that appears on the item to assign the color status for your item.

Step 4 - Assign your items with the appropriate color status. After you have done this, your items should reflect the change accordingly. 

Step 5 - Filter for 1 or more color status's within the Items screen to view items with the status you have assigned to them.



Pro Tip: You can filter some reports by color statuses. To do this, you will add a filter for priorities. 

To see a column with all of your color statuses, you will need to add this in Specify Data.


If you have any questions regarding color statuses, please reach out to