I Don't Have Full Access Even Though I Have the Right License Type.

If you have certain license types you will have access in your left-hand menu to certain modules. Without the SWUser/User ID assigned in the employee's profile. This could create access issues.

To remedy this and similar user access issues, click on Settings>My Employees and select the employee profile you need to update.

At the bottom of the profile, you will see a field called "User ID". This pulls from the list in the Add/Remove User screen. Ensure that the User ID is set to the corresponding User and then click Save. To learn more about the Add/Remove User screen click here

If you continue to have access issues, click on the Permissions tab in the employee profile, and make sure they have the appropriate permissions set. Click here to learn more about Employee Permissions.

Note: If you still cannot resolve the access issues, please contact the Studio Support Team using this link here.