Importing Addresses

This help article will walk you through importing your addresses from another program like Quickbooks.

The support team can upload your addresses from Quickbooks and other programs for you for a fee. We are happy to provide a quote; please email your formatted address list to so we can review and reply. Or, you can import your addresses using the Address Import tool. 

This feature allows you to take address lists from other programs (or other Studio Designer accounts) and import them into your Studio Designer account. This process is fast, easy, and outlined in a few steps below. 

Step 1. Make sure your address list is exported and saved onto your computer as a .CSV file.

Step 2. In Studio Designer, click Settings > Import Clients

Step 3. Click on the "Import" button.

Step 4. Select the exported CSV file that contains your addresses.

Step 5. Map the columns in your CSV file (on the right) to the Studio Designer designated fields (on the left). See Image below:

Image 1: How the mapping of Studio Designer fields matches the "Mapped Column" section in Address Import. Column headers don't have to be identical, just matched up with where the information should go in Studio Designer.

Here is an example of what the CSV file might look like:


  • "ADDRESS ID", "ACTIVE", and "TYPE" are require fields.
  • Ensure that Active is mapped correctly or all of the Addresses will import as Inactive.