Professional Services: Imports and Data Services

Data Imports allow you to pay our team a flat fee of $75 to import Addresses, Contacts, Products, and Inventory IDs. We can also clean up CSV files to get them import-ready.


Studio Designer charges a flat fee for this service based on time spent. The cost breakdown is as follows: 

  • $95 per import file
  • $165 and up for additional file cleanup and importing

Service Outline 

The service includes mapping and importing CSV files provided to us by your firm. In some cases, this process may require additional clean up of the files and their contents. We're happy to help get your files import-ready, but any blank entries pertaining to accounting and tax setup cannot be determined by our team and should be filled out with the assistance of your CPA or one of our Consultant Partners.

We can help with: removing spaces or special characters such as $, #, or any other symbol that does not belong in numeric fields. Expect to perform multiple imports if something is causing an error within the file. 

Consult CPA regarding: assigning Sales Codes, Address Types, Tax Locations, ID names, or anything affecting accounting or the name of the ID to be imported

If you want to have us do an import for you, you will be directed to fill out the form where you pay and upload your files that contain your IDs. Once we have the file/files with the required information for a successful import our staff can complete the service. This can usually be completed within 48 hours of receiving the necessary information.

CSV Column and Data Requirements 

The key to a successful import is providing, at minimum, the required information outlined below. Required fields are italicized and denoted with an asterisk (*). Anything not included in the file will not be imported.

Address Imports 

Required*: Address ID, Type, Name 

Advised: Address ID, Type, Name, Email, Address, Address 2, City, State, Postal Code, Phone, (Tax locations), defaults 


Required*: Address ID, Name  

Advised: Address ID, Name, Company, Phone, Email 


Required*: Name (ID), Vendor, Description, Sales Code, Other Sales Code 

Advised: Name (ID), Vendor, Description, Sales Code, Other Sales Code, Purchase Cost, Other Cost, Selling Cost 


Required*: Name (ID), Description, Vendor, Sales Code 

Advised: Name (ID), Description, Vendor, Sales Code, Purchase Cost, Selling Cost 

Special Considerations 

  1. If required fields like Tax Location or Sales Code are not set up in the user's account prior to import, then these pieces of information will not be imported into the IDs. Be sure to verify that this information is entered in your account prior to starting the import process.
  2. In order for Contacts to be imported, the corresponding Address ID needs to also exist.