Interactive Documents

Interactive Documents are another way to share proposals and invoices with your clients.

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Choosing the Best Option

You now have 3 ways to communicate with your clients. As you can see below. You'll have the ability to share the interactive proposals and invoices, invite the client to their very own portal to view their entire project, or simply just send them an email with a link to view the document. 


How Interactive Documents Work

The proposal or invoice will give your client the ability to approve all the items at once. To send this to your client, do the following:

Step 1. Click on Projects>Proposals or Invoices and select the document you want to share.

Step 2.
Click the "Share" button in the bottom right corner.

Step 3.
Once on this page, each method is rated for visibility, access, project financials, and payments. While the interactive documents and PDFs are somewhat limited, clients can receive an invite to the Client Portal where they have full access to their project. Click on Interactive Documents to continue. 


Step 4. The "From" drop-down menu will default to the user that is logged in. You can change it to anyone else's user profile if you prefer. The "To" drop-down field will auto-populate the email associated with the Client/Project. Once the sending details are in place, click "Send".


What the Client Receives

The client will receive an email with a link titled "View Interactive Document"

Your client will only have to view the proposal or invoice and then decide whether or not to Approve or Deny.

Note: If you don't allow credit card payments, make sure that the boxes for these methods are unchecked. They can be located on the Codes tab when you open the Address. This will remove the Pay Now link from the document.



What's New?

Creating the documents hasn't changed much from Studio Designer 1.0 Once you click "Create Proposal" You'll have the option to email an interactive document to your client. 

In 1.0:
- Open the proposal and the pop-up window will appear
- Add any last details in the email body, subject line, or address lines.
- Click the "Email" button then the "Email Interactive Proposal" button to send.


In the New Studio Designer:
- Open the proposal or invoice you want to send then click "Share".
- Click the "Next" button and select "Interactive Documents".
- Add any last details in the email page and then click "Send"

Our new Interactive documents have been streamlined to be quick and easy for you and your clients to make and approve. If you want more advanced features like back and forth communication, we have ensured that all of that capability is available to you in our Client Portal.