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Introduction to the Studio Designer Mobile App


As of February 9, 2024, the Studio Designer mobile app will no longer be available for download. However, the app will still be operational for users who have downloaded the app before February 9, 2024. 

Introduction to the Studio Designer Mobile App

Access your Studio Designer files in real-time from your iPhone. The mobile app is intended for 'on the fly' usage and you must be a subscriber to Studio Designer to use the Studio Designer iPhone app.   

- To-do's 

- Time Tracking 

- Addresses

- Search (Items, Proposals, Orders, and Invoices)

- More



From your iPhone go to the App Store and search Studio Designer. Download the app, once the app is downloaded login with your username and password (same as your Studio Designer account).


  • Access client and vendor names and addresses
  • Access and dial phone numbers
  • Access and link to Websites
  • Access all contact information related to clients and vendors
  • Enter new Address records


  • Access and update scheduled meetings with clients and vendors
  • Enter new meetings on the fly
  • Update your schedule with actual time spent for time billing
  • Access and update your to-do list and reminders
  • View activities in a calendar format


  • Access and update item descriptions from anywhere
  • Enter new items on the fly
  • Take pictures with your iPhone and link them to items
  • Link pictures on your iPhone to items
  • Manage images linked to items 


  • Take pictures with your iPhone and store them in project folders to be used later
  • Link pictures on your iPhone to project folders

Note: Studio Capture does not currently function on an iPhone or iPad.


  • All information is displayed in real-time
  • Additions and changes update your live company information immediately
  • No need to sync your information at any time
  • Current accurate information for designers on the go...


  • The Studio Designer iPhone App is free.


Main Menu: Accessible at the bottom of the screen. The below image is displaying the 'to do' page. 



Address List: Select the round orange button on the lower right to 'add new' address.

Select the blue letters on the right side of the screen to filter down the list. 

Note: The Address details will not include all the information found in the web version.

Address detail: Select the address detail needed. 

Items, Proposals, Orders, and Invoices List: Select Search down at the bottom right 


Time Tracking: Select the Time Tracking icon at the bottom. To start/stop for time, select the orange icon to the right.

More: Allows for administration tasks to your Studio Designer account and logging out.