Introduction to Time Billing

Introduction to Time Billing

When you’re out at a meeting and charging by the hour, you need to keep track of the time spent working to know how much to charge your clients. Time Billing can help keep track of how much time for what activity was spent on which client. In addition to tracking billable hours, non-billable time is also trackable (emails, online calls, preparing invoices, etc).

Tip: Use Studio Designer's Time Clock to keep track of your time right in the app.

To track time, send invoices, and view Time Billing entries, follow the below steps:

  1. Click Time Billing on the left navigation bar
  2. To make a new entry, click +Track Time on the top right
  3. Enter your information for the following:

    Activity is the identifier for the activity you're wanting to bill. This could be for a Design Meeting, Consultation, etc. Your selections will be based on the Activities made in your Settings

    Employee shows a list of your employee added under the My Employees section to assign for this time billing

    Client/Project is the client or project this time billing is involved with

    Date sets the date this time billing took place

    Start/End Time shows the start and end time of the activity

    Quantity refers to the amount of time according to your Start/End Time

    Client Rate is the amount per hour being charged towards this Client

    Employee Rate is the amount the employee chosen charges for this Time Billing

    If this Time Billing is Billable or Taxable, check the checkboxes

  4. Click Save to save the information for your new entry
  5. After creating your entry, you can now create a corresponding invoice by checking either the entry or multiple entries using the checkboxes on the left
  6. Once you've made your entry selections, click Create Invoice; an invoice number will be generated for your selection afterward. You may also click on the number to view your new invoice.
  7. To track down invoices or Time Billing entries, use the filters shown or click the ... icon to expand search options and expose additional filters like Invoice #, Activity, and Description to refine your search

Time Billing History

You can view the changes made to a particular Time Billing entry by clicking the pencil icon to edit the entry, then clicking the History tab: